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Passions. Hobbies. Jobs. We all have them. But with large portions of our lives poured into being good at a single thing, we have to wonder: Why? On a quest to discover the answers, host Doug Fraser explores the stories behind the most intriguing passions, hobbies, and jobs around the world. This is What We Do.

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NSFW: Meet Pam. She's a boutique store owner by day...and gangster rapper by night. When she's not providing 80+ local artists with a space to sell their unique goods, she's setting the stage on fire with her fresh performances of rap's dirtiest classics. Oh yes. She goes there.

With the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch threatened to be shut down, legal sex worker Alice Little spearheads a campaign to educate the public, as well as the political opposition determined to close the doors of Nevada's legal brothels for good.

As an American antique dealer, Michael takes his love for history and culture to France in search of centuries-old treasures. To him, it’s an Easter egg hunt that never ends.