Stories Worth Telling

Weekend summer camps for adults, promo videos to help German Shepherds get adopted, USO of Hampton Roads and Central Virginia, and a short documentary series—just a few of the projects I continue to have the pleasure of working on.

NSFW: Meet Pam. She's a boutique store owner by day...and gangster rapper by night. When she's not providing 80+ local artists with a space to sell their unique goods, she's setting the stage on fire with her fresh performances of rap's dirtiest classics. Oh yes. She goes there.

Episode 3 of the What We Do short documentary series, which peers into the intriguing passions, hobbies, and jobs of people around the world.

What We Do - A Short Documentary Series

Each of us, no matter how insignificant we may feel at times, have stories worth sharing with the world.

What We Do is a short documentary series that peers into the intriguing jobs, hobbies, and passions of people around the world in search of answers to a simple question: What do we do with the time we have?

Take a peek inside the world of Jake, a 24-year-old mortician who performs a job everyone needs...but few of us know anything about.

Episode 2 of the What We Do short documentary series.


Camp TimeOut offers a unique getaway for adults looking for a summer camp and CrossFit hybrid experience. In addition to a :60 video (cut at this length to fit Instagram restrictions). I also created a :15 cutdown (below) for other marketing needs, including Facebook in-line video ads.

Both master storyteller and marketing pro, the content produced is authentic, beautiful, exciting, and tailor-made for successful sharing on social platforms.
— Christin Marshall | Founder, Camp TimeOut

Amidst the fading shoe repair industry, shop owners Jeff and Jane have found the secret to happiness: each other.

In the first episode of the What We Do series, take a dive into the mind behind Blashy Gallows Art. In the series, you'll get a glimpse behind the unique passions, jobs, and hobbies of people around the world.

Since 1966, Camp Friendship has offered an unforgettable getaway for kids of all ages. Looking to break into the adult market, the family-owned summer camp hired me to help tell their story.
Mallory's story of recovery is one of many thanks to Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. Since 2010, they've helped provide homes for over 2,000 dogs. As always, I want to thank SGSR for trusting me to tell this one of their many wonderful stories.