Break free.

It's time for a new direction in digital marketing. One without the self-proclaimed gurus. One where story reigns supreme.

Start with head-turning creative and toss in in-depth analytics and you've got yourself the kind of marketing that actually proves itself.

Welcome to Doug Fraser Digital.

Doug executes quickly, and saves us gobs of time because he understands what we want before we tell him. He’s gone from stranger to indispensable within a year. Don’t hire him—we want him all to ourselves!
— Christin Marshall | Founder, Camp TimeOut

Concepting + Execution

It all starts with a concept. But every idea needs an engine. Whether it's social media advertising, engaging company videos, or whip-sharp copywriting, I supply the gumption from the initial brainstorm to the final product.


Don't be shy. Click on through to the other side.

Doug is a very talented and effective digital pro. He is a terrific writer, and able to present complex information in a way that is engaging and informative for the reader.
— Miriam Bakker | Founder, The Keyword Agency